The Racial Equity Project (TREP)

The Racial Equity Project (TREP) is a cross-sectional qualitative and quantitative study aimed at collecting race-based data outlining the experience of Black and Indigenous People of Colour in Canadian colleges and universities.

A historic undertaking, TREP proposes an evidence-informed approach at eradicating systemic anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism in athletic institutions by collecting information that will validate experiences and propose standardized methods of raise awareness, providing anti-racism education and support for underrepresented groups.

Is your U Sport or CCAA athletic institution signed up? Contact [email protected] for more information.

  1. Saint Francis Xavier University (U Sports)
  2. University of Windsor (U Sports)
  3. Acadia University (U Sports)
  4. Mohawk College (CCAA)
  5. University of Victoria (U Sports)
  6. University of Toronto-Mississauga (CCAA)
  7. Trinity Western University ( U Sports)
  8. Dalhousie University (U Sports)
  9. Universite Sainte-Anne (CCAA)
  10. Brandon University (U Sports)
  11. University of New Brunswick (U Sports)
  12. University of Ottawa

The Racial Equity Project Call to Action (4):

1.The appointment of a black equity committee for each conference in U Sports and the CCAA (10 total), comprised of staff members and student-athletes to work in conjunction with member institutions to offer support and services to racialized minorities. These committees will  enable conference representation and participation in The Racial Equity Project.  

2. Annual administration of anti-oppressive and anti-racist professional development trainings that are specific to working with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in sport for all members and stakeholders of Canadian athletic post-secondary institutions.   

3.     Commit to the diverse hiring committees that are racially diverse while supporting the appointment Black and Indigenous People of Colour to leadership positions at Canadian post-secondary athletic institutions.

 See: The BlackNorth Initiative   

4.     Commit to providing financial assistance for ALL students in need, with specification on BIPOC individuals and those who are belonging to underrepresented groups.

See: The BCCA calls for Coaches for Change: Nationwide games in honour of, and to raise funds for racial justice at Canadian colleges and universities.Over 1000 supporters signed our petition, join our movement: