The Black Student Athlete Mental Health Fund

The Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport and The Black Canadian Canadian Coaches Association and the Centre for Mental Health and Sport (CCMHS) have launched a Black Student-Athlete Mental Health Fund for Black college and university level students.

Donations to the Black Student-Athlete Fund will be used to subsidize mental health care services for Black student-athletes attending a Canadian university or college.

“We know that Black, Indigenous and Afro-mix student-athletes experience unique barriers to accessing mental health care. We are proud to partner with the Black Canadian Coaching Association be able to remove some of those barriers and contribute to increased equity of access to mental health support through the Black Student-Athlete Fund.” 

-Krista Van Slingerland, Executive Director, CCMHS

“One aspect of the Black student-athlete experience that poses serious challenges on Canadian college and university campuses are barriers that prevent racialized athletes from attaining support from health and wellness individuals educated and having experience in working with racialized minorities such as Black and Indigenous groups. Through the establishment of this subsidized fund the CCMHS helps to fill an important void in the Canadian post-secondary high performance experience.”

– Lee Anna Osei, Director, BCCA

Visit CCMHS for more information and inquiries related to mental health and sport for members of our Canadian sport community.