Race-Based Data Collection

Canadian universities are currently engaged in attempts to implement the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission by, in part, seeking to provide more places for Indigenous students and faculty members. They are also continuing to address wider questions of diversity, especially in terms of faculty positions. However, as James, et al. (2017) note, “Expressions of support for diversity that aren’t backed up by data represent a profound failure of universities to accept their obligations under human rights law.”

For the past eight years, based on the principle that, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t change it.” The Centre for Sport Policy Studies at the University of Toronto has been carrying out a series of gender audits of sport, including studies of gender representation in Canadian Interuniversity Sport(CIS)/U Sports. During that time a number of scholars and administrators have asked us whether we could also carry out research on the ‘racial’ demographics of athletes and coaches/administrators in U Sports.

Citation: Danford, Madison & Donnelly, Peter (2018). ‘Racial’ Representation in Canadian Interuniversity Sport: A Pilot Study. Toronto: Centre for Sport Policy Studies, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto.Black, Persons of Colour , and Non-White Race Based Data in Sports

There currently is no standard for collecting race-based data in Canadian sport participation, including : club and recreation, high performance (provincial and national), college (Canadian College Athletic Association) and university (U Sports).

The Black Canadian Coaches Association seeks to support the creation of sustainable pathways to identify trends, conduct research, recommend policies and create publications and resources that can support in the recruitment, engagement and employment of racialized persons in the Canadian sport community. In partnership with the IDEAS Research Lab at the University of Toronto, the BCCA will play a leading role in seeking opportunities to collect and disseminate race-based data to support diversity, equity and inclusion for all stakeholders in the Canadian sport community. 

Are you interested in partnering with the BCCA for a race-based data collection in Canadian sport? Contact us at: [email protected].