Global Leader Spearheads Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity and Workplace Equity

Toronto, ON Canada: Alex Ihama is an internationally renowned transformational coach, with years of experience in mentoring, educating and empowering groups from all sectors of the Canadian economy. Alex has also been playing a leading role in impacting the Canadian sport community with his thorough background in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by working with organizations to impact change. Most recently, The International School of Greatness has been appointed to lead diversity and inclusion strategies at National Sport Organization Canada Basketball.

“Over the decades we have witnessed firsthand the adverse impact of systemic racism on our society – especially that faced by indigenous people and people of African descent within countless organizations. We, therefore, felt that it was high time for leaders and experts to come together to have a much-needed conversation on inclusive diversity and workplace equity,” said Alex Ihama, President of the International School of Greatness and host of the Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity 2021. “The pathway to ending systemic racism is not clear-cut but it is achievable. To make the revolutionary progress that our society urgently needs, organizations will need to go beyond merely hiring candidates from diverse backgrounds. Efforts to build more cohesive, inclusive, and equitable work environments are vital, and we believe this Congress will set the stage for the transformation of corporate culture across North America in 2021, by educating, equipping, & empowering hundreds of participants to become change agents.”

– Alex Ihama , Founder International School of Greatness

“Alex is a transformational leader, and his extensive resume centered on impacting individuals and organizations on a global scale allows him to bring innovative and best practise initiatives to the table for D&I (diversity and inclusion) methods in our Canadian sport sector. The BCCA is proud to be a supporter for the Canadian Congress on Diversity.”

– Lee Anna Osei, Founder The BCCA

Registration can be found here: Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity 2021

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