The Racial Equity Project – We Need Your Help!

Help us protect, empower and create a better future for our Black, Indigenous, and Person(s) of Colour within our Canadian Collegiate institutions. We are asking USports and the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) to work alongside us to support the creation of a Charter for Racial Equity to be implemented into schools.

Case Study/Problem:

Black Canadians have long and in present times contribute to a thriving Canadian sport identity and sport sector, both  nationally and internationally. Yet countless systemic and institutional issues exist for Black Canadians who participate in the sports industry. Specifically, there are challenges for BIPOC student-athletes, coaches and executives within our post-secondary athletics institutions, including but not limited to:

  1. Sport governing institutions USports and Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) do not specify or execute practices and policies to address anti-Blackness or systemic oppression within the intersections of sport, race and our educational institutions.
  2. There are no mandated cultural competency trainings or cultural pedagogy to ensure inclusiveness as it relates to eradicating racial inequities within these institutions.
  3. There is little existence of race-based data for Canadian collegiate levels, there-by making it nearly impossible to understand and address the needs of BIPOC stakeholders within our Canadian collegiate institutions.

VALUE PROPOSITION/ SOLUTION In an unprecedented manner, during unprecedented times, let us use sport to Lead. Our sport governing institutions can work together towards a better tomorrow, with the creation of “The Charter for Racial Equity in Canadian Postsecondary Institutions.”

Amended to adapt to the differences in USports and the CCAA, this 4-6 month study will require both quantitative and qualitative surveys to be administered to current and former BIPOC student-athletes, coaches, and executives. As there is little precedent of a nation-wide race-based collection, the objective will be to collect as much data as possible. Read below for more info:

Contact us for more information: [email protected]