Coaches Support

Sport Coaches play a pivotal role in our communities across Canada as leaders, mentors, and agents of social change. Black coaches have and continue to play roles as caretakers of culture in playing leading roles in their communities and as visible representatives for the next generation.

The BCCA intends to empower, support and connect Black coaches of all sport backgrounds by providing and promoting:

  1. Celebration

The BCCA will use our platforms to celebrate the advancements of sport coaches to the larger sport community. Check out our Beyond The Sidelines features to learn more about our Leaders Through Sport!

2. Advocacy Through Allyship

To combat the challenges of intersectionality , that is the systemic barriers that exist for Black sport coaches and athletes , we will come together alongside of our allies to fight for equity and opportunity for racialized minorities.

The Black Female Coach Mentorship Program and The Racial Equity Project are two examples of BCCA led initiatives that have united our Canadian sport community on a national scale towards a more equitable future.

3. Networking

The BCCA will serve as a uniting tool for Black sport coaches of all backgrounds to further create opportunities for mentorship, guidance, and the sharing of resources. Sign up for a free membership to stay connected with our growing BCCA community.