Black Canadian Coach Named HC of Women’s Football at Ontario University

Kingston, ON Canada: Kwame Osei is a Ghanaian born and Toronto raised former Canadian Football League professional athlete turned Football Coach at at the Canadian U Sports level. Kwame is an acclaimed motivational speaker, a mentor for youth, and an author of children’s books. Osei was also a finalist in Amazing Race Season 6 (Hero’s Edition).

Kwame has been working with Queens University as an Receiver’s Coach for Men’s Football and a Community Outreach Coordinator. Recently, Kwame was hired as the Head Coach of Women’s Football by Queens University Recreation Club.

Football saved my life, and for that I’m forever indebted to help grow the game in anyway possible. To be the head coach of a women’s football team means the world to me especially in this day and age. My goal is to be a trailblazer and to always lead by example. I believe in equality and this was an opportunity for me to showcase that. I’m truly honoured and humbled to be in this position – I may be the first to step up, but I trust many coaches will follow suit and make this the norm.

what does it mean to be named HC of Women’s Football at Queens?

No stranger to leading on the field, Kwame has coached and been a mentor to youth and athletes of all ages. From 2012 he was the coach for Holy Trinity Knights Football. In 2016 he was the Offensive Coordinator for the Fort McMurray Monarchs and that summer and coached at the Zone Bombers Alberta Summer Games. In 2018 Kwame was named to the Team Alberta coaching staff.

Olivia Ghosh-Swaby, League Commissioner and Media Relations spokesperson for Ontario Women’s Intercollegiate Football Association (OWIFA) says Kwame’s appointment is a right step in the right direction for U Sports organizations. OWIFA’s league consists of over 400 female athletes and 70 coaches across Ontario based Canadian universities. But the sport has yet to receive accreditation as a recognized varsity, and in some cases, a club sport within athletic departments in Ontario. Ghosh-Swaby states:

“This is a historic moment for university women’s football in Ontario. The adequate & experienced coaching that Coach Kwame brings to athletes in necessary. Kwame’s appointments shows that Queen’s values the experiences of women in football by actively supporting their program.”

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