The BFCC advocates for opportunities to secure leadership positions for BIPOC coaches along with raising awareness and identifying barriers of inequality at all levels in the Canadian football community.  BFCC promotes and supports the networking, mentoring and educating of our BIPOC football community to ensure that the diversity of administration, coaching and participation reflects the game itself.

Current Mission:  

To encourage, promote and accelerate opportunities for BIPOC coaches in securing full-time leadership positions at the USPORTS level and providing continued support for our BIPOC athletes.

Why are we doing what we are doing?

The WHY in short…this is long overdue, systemic racism and the barriers were not created by us and we need to start holding intuitions accountable for their actions. Racism exists and our sport is no exception and nothing has been done to stop it.  The WHY…because it’s way past due and because the time for correcting a wrong of this magnitude is right now. It’s time. Period!

The BFCC is spearheading our Beyond The Sidelines Roundtable Series on Tuesday November 17th, 2020 at 8:00pm EST. Register here to tune into a candid conversation about the Canadian football landscape, and to hear about the experiences, challenges and successes of racialized minorities coaching the game.

Contact Corey Grant at for more information.