The Black Canadian Coaches Association Named 2020/21 SIRC Match Grant Winner

Antigonish, NS: The Black Canadian Coaches Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing pathways in sport for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour have been named as 1 of 10 recipients receiving $2500 from the Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) through the Match Grant program, funded by the Government of Canada.

The BCCA’s, “Race, Gender, and Leadership Equity in Sport Project” will enable researcher and Windsor MHK student Alex McKenzie as well as project Supervisor Janelle Joseph of University of Toronto’s IDEAS Lab to research the Black Female Coach experience in Canadian sport. Joseph serves as the Director of Research for The BCCA , and is founder and director of Canada’s first research laboratory devoted to issues of race and movement cultures, the Indigeneity, Diaspora, Equity and Anti-racism in Sport (IDEAS) Research Lab.

“There is little formal research on the experiences of racialized coaches, especially females. This matching grant will allow us to be at the forefront of the race and sport research.” – Dr. Janelle Joseph IDEAS Research Lab

“We’ve built a community with The BCCA, where we can bring together academics with expertise and research interests in the Black or BIPOC experience in Canada, a field that has a lot of opportunity for growth. This quite literally helps us both frame and change the narrative. The BCCA is pleased to partner with University of Toronto’s IDEAS Lab to conduct this important research.” – The BCCA Founder, Lee Anna Osei

“SIRC’s Match Grant program is designed to support collaboration between sport organizations and reseaarchers to enhance the relevance and usefulness of research in the Canadian sport community. The project led by the BCCA and the University of Toronto will provide important insights to support The BCCA, and inform the actions of other sport organizations.” – Debra Gassewitz, SIRC President and CEO

Outcomes and key learnings from Match Grant projects will be disseminated by SIRC and the BCCA, and will be shared at SIRC’s 2021 Sport Canada Research Initiative Conference in October 2021.

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