BCCA announces 2021 Black Female Coach Program (BFCMP) Members

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The Black Canadian Coaches Association (BCCA), in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), are pleased to announce the mentors for the second year of the Black Female Coach Mentorship Program (BFCMP). The BFCMP is a program funded by the CAC geared towards creating Black female mentorship, coach professionalization and leadership development opportunities to Black and Afro-mixed identifying women across Canada.

Through the BFCMP, Black Female mentors and mentees receive opportunities to advance their coaching horizons while connecting with fellow Black female coaches, as well as individuals and groups within the Canadian sports community. This allows for the opportunity to navigate the challenges of race, gender and sport as intersectionality. BFCMP participants will attend Women in Coaching PD Series facilitated by the CAC, while mentors and mentees will also share their stories through monthly features and events such as Coaching Black HERstory in February.  

The 2021-2022 BFCMP mentor and mentees were selected from across Canada, and represent a wide array of sports including: hockey, soccer, basketball, swimming, football and athletics.



To learn more about the BFCMP Program, contact Lysa Lowe (Program Manager) at [email protected]

To learn more about the Coaching Association of Canada’s Mentorship Program contact Andrea Johnson (Project Coordinator) at [email protected].


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