Shauna Bookal

The BCCA is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals from ALL backgrounds who support racial equity in the Canadian sports community.

We have 3 objectives: celebration, advocacy through allyship and networking.

Vision: To realize a safer, more racially diverse and inclusive Canadian sports market. 

Mission: We are a Black-led organization devoted to empowering Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) in the Canadian sports community through three objectives: celebration, advocacy through allyship, and networking. 


The inspiration for this project is credited to the thousands of Black leaders throughout Canadian sport history who have and continue to promote physical, social, educational and cultural continuity to the people they mentor. Being a coach is all about empowering and supporting others. We are trailblazers in Canadian sport history, and leaders through sport.

  1. Celebration: Acknowledge and recognize former, current and future sport leaders who represent the rich history of Black and racialized minorities in Canadian sports. 
  2. Communication: Provide and utilize various platforms for the purpose of advocating and promoting racial inclusivity in North American sports and its intersections of community, education, businesses and more.  
  3. Competence: Promote and provide ongoing educational and awareness opportunities to build competence amongst all regarding the barriers Black and racialized minorities encounter within Canadian sport experiences.
  4. Courage:  Represent an authentic and humility driven resilience to advocate for positive change towards a realization of racial equity in the Canadian sports sector.

The BCCA will continue to lead and work alongside allied individuals and organizations to further the advancements of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) participating in the Canadian sport sector. In doing so, the BCCA has established the following goals and objectives to pursue its mission:

  • Recruit, engage and advance Black coaches who represent social change agents in our sport community.
  • To promote the ideals of diversity and inclusion, gender equity, and celebration for BIPOC members of our Canadian sports community including fans, athletes, coaches, business owners and administrators.
  • To lobby for the hiring of more visible minorities in leadership and executive positions within the Canadian sports sector to promote inclusion in sport as well as reflect our diverse economy.
  • To unify all members of our Canadian sports community on issues pertaining to racial equity in the sport industry at all levels.
  • To encourage all BCCA supporters and participants to serve as community outreach agents who elevate moral, ethical and educational values.
  • A commitment to assist provincial and national sport organizations in servicing BIPOC members of our sport community.
  • To provide services which address the needs of our BIPOC members and sport supporters professionally, emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually.
  • To formulate mentorship bonds directly and indirectly that foster strong and resilient relationships between allied individuals and organizations.

Leadership Through Sport – We Are StrongerTogether!