Coaching Black HERstory: A celebration of Black Female Coaches across Canada

Toronto, ON Canada: Coaching Black HERstory is a Coach Hangout and Q&A event created to celebrate the inaugural members of the Black Female Coach Mentorship Program (BFCMP).

First National Black Female Program in Canadian Sports History

The BFCMP was launched by The Black Canadian Coaches Association in collaboration with the Coaching Association of Canada in the Fall of 2020. This historical program represents the first national coaching mentorship program geared towards women that are aspiring, current or former coaches and identify as Black, Bi-racial and/or Indigenous. 

We cant state how pleased we were to work with the CAC to launch this national program stated Lee Anna Osei, founder of The BCCA. “Thus far the program has had an incredible impact on not just the participants, but for everyone who even applied in just being able to join our community and connecting with one another.”

“We are thrilled to have partnered with the BCCA for the development of the Black Female Coach Mentorship Program that is building capacity for Black women in coaching and as role models in sport.  We look forward to hearing from the mentors and mentees that are participating in the program about the personal impact it has had on them.”

Isabelle Cayer, Director of Sport Safety, Coaching Association of Canada

Osei adds, “Being intentional about carving out spaces for people of colour increases opportunities to connect with one another. We are already working towards mentorship programs that encompass all aspects of sport including sport specific, sport businesses and some specifically for Black men.” “Another goal we have is to create pathways that encourage and support BIPOC to participate as athletes and coaches in sports that have been less diverse.” “Chantique Payne (swimming), Joely Christian (volleyball), Safiya Muharama (ice hockey) and Tara Mrakic (flag football) represent some of the only post-secondary Black Female Coaches in their sport, pointing to issues of recruitment and retention that we hope to address through our work with researchers and sport leaders in our BCCA community.”

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Thursday, Feb 25,2021 : MENTEE Coach Hangout

Friday Feb 26th, 2021 : MENTOR Coach Hangout

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  1. This is such a great initiative. I wished this was around when I was coming up through the ranks. Great job and good luck to everyone involved in this class. Push beyond your known ability to reach your limitless potential.

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